Cracked beans is a collection of articles, DIYs, and reviews to help you discover specialty coffee, simply. It was created by myself, someone who has worked in the specialty coffee industry for over eight years. I love the craft and versatility of making excellent coffee beverages. I wanted a place to catalogue my thoughts and experiences.

You have seen the elite coffee blogs and social media accounts with picture-perfect lattes and expensive logo’d tools. But was there a source of information for people who can’t pour a latte with a unicorn on it? Where there coffee informational articles that read like a dry, scientific research paper?

I want to give simple information. I want to share my experience for everyday coffee enthusiasts, the average barista, and people who are curious about finding a better cup of coffee.

Third wave coffee can appear too complicated and overwhelming. What many people don’t know is that brewing and extracting coffee can be SIMPLE, and there are so many ways to do it!

There can be strict coffee “guidelines” and “rules” when it comes to craft coffee, but there is no true authority to tell YOU how to enjoy it. Your tastes are subjective and I’m here to show you ways to explore them.

Find a hobby in something that billions of people enjoy every day. Look forward to getting out of bed and hearing the crackle of beans grinding. Invest a little time in exploring which flavors resonate with you. Become an enthusiast and cultivate your brewing abilities!

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